Smart Peak Flow™

The Asthma control just got easier. Introducing the pocket-sized device that’s blowing paper charts away for good.

The Smart Peak Flow device is genius (at least we like to think so!) because of its size, simplicity and technology. It has no batteries, and only one moving part: a little propeller that rotates as you blow. 



We helped launch the successful Kickstarter campaign of the Smart Peak Flow. The small device clicks into the audio jack of any smartphone and works seamlessly with a free app, available for iOS and Android. 

Peak Flow concepts-min.png

Concept Development

We helped create the Smart Peak Flow from the first sketches on paper continuously upon the final design for manufacture stages and successfull Kickstarter campaign.


Working Prototypes

Throughout the design process we manufactured numerous prototypes. To get the best understanding of the physical product we use a variety of techniques from cardboard mock-ups to fully functioning 3D printed prototypes.